Sunday, July 21, 2024
Our parks add beauty and interest to our community. Some of the trees were planted as living memorials to our outstanding citizens. The cannon at Memorial Park is a WWI Howitzer than came from France with the approval of President Roosevelt.  The cannon was dedicated on Memorial Day, 1946, to the men of Flordell Hills who lost their lives in WW2. Sixteen to twenty men volunteered to move the cannon from the boxcar on the tracks to Memorial Park. In the process it got away from them and nearly hit a building, but they managed to get the cannon in its present locations without further mishap. A band and parade were on hand for the dedication. In 1949 the cannon was supported by jacks encased in cement to keep the weight off the tires.

Help us keep the city looking as it should. We can all have pride in Flordell Hills. It’s a charming place to live, with schools, churches, stores, nearby buses and reasonable taxes. A community can be only as good as its citizens, so please take an active part, maintain your property and be friendly with and help your neighbors. 

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